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Certification Courses

  • Certified Entrepreneurship Specialist
  • Certified Supply Chain and Logistics Specialist
  • Certified Taxation Specialist
  • Certified Information Management Specialist
  • Certified Strategic Planning Specialist
  • Certified Management Specialist
  • Certified Marketing Specialist
  • Certified Human Resource Specialist
  • Certified Operations Management Specialist
  • Certified Finance Specialist

Post - Graduate Certification Program Overview

These programs often teach students how to navigate the modern-day business world or public sector. Some post - graduate certification programs help students in other fields make a smooth transition to graduate degree programs. There are also programs available for students who are not earning a degree in business but would like to obtain an education for future career goals. Such programs may tailor their classes specifically for non-business graduate students.

Outcome: Certification for Professional Competency
Example: Certified Strategic Planner, Certified Taxation Specialist, Certified Management Practitioner, Certified Marketing Specialist, etc.

Non-degree Post – Graduate Certification

Earning a post – graduate certification may lead to promotional opportunities as well as entry-level employment in business organizations with entrepreneurial mindset. Certification programs are general in nature, but we will allow students to specialize in related fields, like human resource management or accounting. Depending on the program, it may take 3-9 months or a year to earn a certification.

However, a customized certification program maybe fast-tracked for purposes of meeting the requirement of a rushed interview for employment.

Education Prerequisites

Undergraduate certification programs designed for adults and working professionals require a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or its equivalent for admission. Additional course prerequisites maybe require depending on the circumstances. It can be ladderized leading to a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree.

Certification Course Topics

Certification Programs will help students improve their business vocabularies, management abilities and decision-making skills. In addition to lecture-based classes, students may also work on presentations and group projects. Common topics include:

Strategic Management, National, Local and International Taxation, Management, Marketing, Accounting, etc.

  • Management
  • Economics
  • Human Resource Development
  • Finance and Investment
  • Marketing


  Human Behavior in Organization   Seminar in Corporate Communication  
  Global Management   Seminar in Corporate & Accounting  
  Management Information System   Business Policy, Ethics & Social Responsibilities  
  Multicultural Management   Information for Business Decision Making  
  Industrial Management   Investment Management  
  Supervisory Management   Risk Management  
  Production & Operation Management   Corporate Management  
  Total Quality Management   Logsitics Management  
  Project Management   Productivity & uallity Tools  
  Personnel Administration   Facilities Management  
  Strategic Planning   Strategic Operations Management  
  Public Relations   Balanced Scorecard  
  Social Responsibility & Corporate/Good Governance   Operations Research  
  Administrative & Office Management   Configuration Management  
  Environmental Management   Special Topics in Operations Management  
  Inventory   Enterprise Resource Planning  


  Business Education   Environmental Economics  
  Mathematical Economics   Economics of Money Banking & Finance  
  History of Economics Thought   Economics of Public Policy  
  Managerial Economics   Publlic Finance  
  Labor Economics   Project Developement Management  
  Economics Development   Strategic Corporate Development  
  Fiscal & Monetary Policies   Economic Statistics  
  International Economics   Current Economic Issues  
  Econometrics   Operations Research  
  Advance Microeconomics   Industrial Economics  
  Advance Macroeconomics   Economic Research  
  Economics & Financial Forecasting   Special Topics in Business Economics  
  Agricultural Economics   Feasibility Study  


  Recruitment, Testing & Selection  
  Job Evaluation & Design  
  Organizational Behavior & Organizational Development  
  Career Development & Counseling  
  Labor Law for the Personnel Manager  
  Compensation, Benefits & Administration  
  Collective Bargaining & Labor Management Relations  
  Design & Administration of Training & Upskill  
  Seminar in Labor-Management Relations  
  Job Management w/Training & Developement  
  Human Resource Info. System (HuRIS)  
  Accounting Info. For Human Resource Dev. & MGT  
  Practicum Course in Human Resource Development (w/ seminar program  
  Strategic Human Resource Developement  
  Entertainment Law  


  Corporate Finance   Global Banking  
  Financial Analysis   Global Finance w/ Electronic Banking  
  Financial Management   International Trade & Finance  
  Capital Markets & Economic Development   Commercial Banking Mortgage  
  Mmanagement of Assets Acquisition   Development Banking  
  Treasury Management   Credit and Collection  
  Investment Management   Strategic Financial Management  
  Security Regulation   Special Topics in Financial Management  
  Management Financial Derivatives   Feasibility Study  
  Banking Operations & Procedures   Financial Controllership  
  Financial Services   Mutual Fund  
  Central Banking   Venture Capital  


  Principles of Salesmanship   Inustrial & Agricultural Marketing  
  Advertising & Promotion   MKT 054  
  Wholesaling & Retailing   Seminar in Corporate Communication  
  Product/Brand Management   Franchising  
  Channels of Distribution   E-Commerce & Internet Marketing  
  Global Marketing   Direct Marketing  
  Trade Strategies   Services Marketing  
  Product Planning & Development   Cooperative Marketing  
  Effective Negotiation   New Market Development  
  Strategic Marketing Management   Environmental Marketing  
  Consumer Behavior   Special Topics in Marketing Management  
  Marketing Cost and Distribution Management   Feasibility Study  
  Public Relations      

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