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International Master of Business Administrator - IMBA

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  • IMBA. Overview
  • Career Options
  • Course Topic Overview
  • Educational Requirements
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Students who plan on pursuing management careers that require significant foreign engagement can earn a master's degree in – International Master of Business Administration, International Master of International Management, and International Master of Technology Management (IMBA/IMIM/IMTM). Master's programs in this field provide students with knowledge, skills and attitudes in leadership and managerial organization with a global perspective.

An international master's degree program, typically takes 1-2 years to complete including the thesis work (thesis is required for those who will move up to Doctoral Level). The program is designed to prepare students for a range of managerial careers that require a significant amount of legal, linguistic, cultural, economic and marketing engagement with businesses in other countries.

Some of the skills that graduates typically gain from this degree program include the ability to design strategic plan, prepare and oversee budgets, as well as direct and manage the hiring, training and career development of company personnel and management of technology. They'll also have the ability to conduct birds-eye-view assessments of company performance on a global level. In addition to these knowledge, skills and attitudes, students also gain knowledge of international business laws and global markets.

Degree/ Majors



Popular Career Options

Graduates of these international master’s degree programs can be qualified for a range of positions, including: Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Information Officer, Operations Manager, General Manager, Management Analyst, Post-secondary Business Instructor/ Asst. Professor/Professor, Production Manager, Marketing Manager, Country Manager of MNC’s, Entrepreneur/SME Owner-Manager

Continuing Education Information

After earning an international master's degree, individuals can continue on to earn their International Doctor of Philosophy in Management (IPh.D. Management) or International Doctor of Philosophy in Political Economy and Geopolitics (Iph.D. Political Economy and Geopolitics) degrees.


Course Topics Overview

In addition to taking electives and conducting research projects on topics in international business, students in IMBA / IMIM / IMTM program may be required to take the following core courses: Management and Leadership, International Law, International Business Law, Global Accounting, International Marketing, Global Management, Executive Information Systems, Human Resources, Technology Management.

Education Requirements

Students seeking admission to IMBA / IMIM / IMTM program may need to meet a minimum undergraduate- and/or graduate-level grade point average requirement. They may also be required to submit scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Some programs require previous coursework


  1ST TERM  
    3 Organization, Management and Leadership  
    3 Methods of Business Research  
    3 Managerial Statistics: Business Applications  
    3 International Financial and Managerial Accounting  
  2ND TERM  
    3 Marketing Management: Strategic Application  
    3 3 Operation Management, Quality Management and Productivity  
    3 3 International Finance Contemporary Application  
    3 3 International Human Resources Management  
  3RD TERM  
    3 Macro Economics and The Global Economy  
    3 3 International Business Environment  
    3 3 International Management Consulting  
    3 3 International Strategic Planning and Management  
  * Students who will finish their IMBA Academic Requirements can also take additional 6 Units of THESIS WRITING    
  and convert their IMBA (Non – Thesis) to IMBA (Thesis) Program. Students however, must finish all IMBA    
  Academic Requirements without any incomplete or failing grades.    

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