Why Choose IAME

IAME-Graduation1The legend has it that IAME is “a school of second chance” in life.

No other school would admit in its bachelor’s degree anyone who:

  • is forty years old or over
  • left school for more than 5 years
  • stop studying for economic reason like getting a job that is well paying leaving school to become a small or medium-size entrepreneur
  • leaving school because of demands of contracts in entertainment or fashion/modeling industry.

When the point in time came that they have to return to school, no other school would accept them with open arms and happiness like a father to a prodigal son or daughter except IAME. And so it came to pass that they returned home to IAME and obtained their degree. Now they are among the successful people in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Germany, Australia, U.S. and Middle East and Gulf states. Legend likewise has it that IAME looks after the welfare of its students with personalized tender loving care and makes sure they learn quality education, obtain their degree and graduate.

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