IAME is a Global School of Management

iameroundThe traditional educators and conservative administrators call the International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME [eye-aim]) a maverick school because it rebels against the archaic delivery system and advocates the application of information and communication technology to deliver world-class quality education that is responsive to the needs and challenges of the twenty-first century.

This vision by the founding president of IAME, corporate lawyer Emmanuel Tiu Santos, Ph.D., formulated 28 years ago was exactly expressed by Barack Hussein Obama in his Inaugural Address when he said: “And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age. All this we can do. And all this we will do.”

In another sense, IAME is truly a different kind of school because it has fashioned a delivery system consisting of the use of ICT with excellent content, mentoring and coaching that ensures that the student will surely learn the nature and scope of each subject in the curriculum, its core concepts and key ideas which serve as frame of reference in decision making in business and real life situations or cases. It also ensures that the student will obtain the degree and graduate.

No, no in IAME are such academic ghastly, nasty, and outrageous practices of old-school professors and administrators such as terrorism of students, suffocating rules, authoritarian treatment of students, deliberate flunking of students for minor shortcomings, whims and caprices of instructors; and worse to manipulate the student to come across under the table to get a passing or good grade – a corrupt practice now prevalent even in leading schools with students coming from elite families.

At IAME, once the student enrolls in the international programs for the first time either fresh from high school or as transferee from another school; by back-to-school working mother or middle-aged entrepreneur or government official by senior top manager, entrepreneur, or government functionary, he is greeted by the Chairman-CEO: “Welcome to IAME. I am the guy who will make sure you graduate and obtain your degree.”

Such greeting immediately gives the student a sense of belongingness to IAME and its stakeholders. To make the students important, and motivated to study, obtain the degree, thus making the assurance by the Chairman-“surrogate father” a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At the time in the 1980’s when globalization was still a faintly heard concept, Emmanuel Tiu Santos envisioned a global university inspired by International Academy of Management and Economics the book of Perlmutter and Houlahan on “Building A Global University”.

Thus, in fashioning the curricula for international degree and certificate programs, he surveyed the curricula of the Ivy League schools in US, some 230 business schools in America, and read the UNESCO study on business schools and their curricula, which was brought home by his father from Paris world headquarters of UNESCO.

As a result, the international degrees and diplomas are globally accepted as in US universities, multinational corporate employers, foreign governments, international organizations, and multilateral financial institutions. IAME has so far produced eight country managers of multinational corporations in five countries and managers of corporations in US, Germany, Denmark, UAE, Libya, Oman, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, and other countries. Of course, IAME has its own share of CEO’s, Chairmen, presidents and executives of companies in the Philippines.

There are IAME graduates who are working in the US, Canadian, and Australian governments the World Bank, the Central Bank of the Philippines and some private Philippine banks. IAME has produced top officials of the Bureau of Customs, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Dept. of Agrarian Reform, Department of Agriculture, local government units, and Congress. IAME produced 8 Generals in the PAF, Army, PNP and BFP.

The International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME [eye-aim]) pursues its optimistic outlook in the field of education in the midst of international financial crisis by expanding its global network by sending more of its graduates for further post graduate education in Harvard, Wharton, University of California in Berkeley, a Stanford University, and Newport University in US; La Salle College International in Montreal, Canada; Warnborough University and University of London in UK; London School Of Economics, Swiss Management Academy in Switzerland; University of Southern Queensland, Entrepreneurship Institute Australia, and ten other universities in Australia; MODUL University in Vienna, Austria.

The international degrees and diplomas issued by International Academy of Management and Economics, granted the equivalency of US degrees by the World Education Service of New York, USA, are globally acceptable for employment in multinational corporations, US, Canadian, Australian, and Libyan governments. It is also acceptable for employment in the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and private international banks.

IAME has it own share of chairmen, presidents, executives of Philippine companies, and Asian Development Bank (ADB) Director, said corporate lawyer-constitutionalist Emmanuel “Noli” Tiu Santos, Chairman-CEO of IAME.

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