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Organization & Management
By: Emmanuel T. Santos

The best-selling Philippine textbook that introduces readers through the origins of management thought from ancient times all the way up to the post-modern era. Atty. Noli T. Santos, Ph.D., president emeritus of the Philippine Council of Management, provides one of the most scholarly presentations of the different theories, applications, and perspectives in his book. A separate section on Corporate Governance addresses the legal, ethical, and structural patterns of and problems associated with the ownership and control of organizational and managerial behavior.

The Constitution of the Philippines: 
Notes and Comments
By: Emmanuel T. Santos

The Millenial Edition of the former 1972 Con-Con Delegate Atty. Noli Santos is another best-selling textbook for non-legal students studying Philippine Constitution and Government. A commentary on one of the world’s most verbose and detailed constitutions, the 1987 Constitution, this edition will allow its readers to grasp and perform his/her civic duties as a citizen of the Philippines. The often, confusing issues surrounding the citizen’s right to revolution and the role of the military as protector of the State and the people are unique and succinct features of this book. Publication of this latest edition had to be postponed several times in order for recent issues such as the constitutionality of the Arroyo presidency to be incorporated.

Strategic Planning: Concepts, Processes and Issues, Revised edition
By: Prof. Jack Edward Effron, Emmanuel T. Santos

A concise handbook for those beginning to understand and put into practice a formal system of planning within their organizations. Dr. Jack E. Effron informs the reader with actual approaches utilized by companies around the world, and includes cases to highlight the Philippine setting.

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